Torah manifests the true wisdom of God, circumcision as a sign of the covenant, and how to become a Jew. A Jewish mohel can help your family experience a Jewish circumcision in Florida.

It is exciting to celebrate a new life with your newborn son. At birth, a medical doctor may ask you whether you wish to circumcise your newborn son within 24 hours at your chosen medical facility. It is preferable that you wait until the eighth day so that your son will not be an uncircumcised Jew.

According to the scriptures, it is best that you circumcise your son on the eighth day for a Jewish circumcision. An uncircumcised Jew can also take advantage of the services of a mohel. Circumcision is essential for becoming a Jew.

Religious Mohel Circumcision

The medical advantages of a delayed Jewish circumcision are numerous. Why should you consider circumcising your child in a private religious Jewish circumcision in Florida? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Sometimes, the hospital is not the most sterile nor the most comfortable environment for a baby to experience circumcision because of the risks of acquired infections. This may not be the best scenario for how becoming Jewish.
  2. The office is much cleaner than the hospital environment.
  3. All office surgical instruments are sterilized and autoclaved, just like at a hospital. The environment will promote a healthy experience for an uncircumcised Jew.
  4. You probably will not be with your newborn when this rite is performed by a medically trained doctor. Therefore, you will miss having a spiritual experience with your baby, who would no longer be an uncircumcised Jew.
  5. It takes time for a newborn to adjust to the trauma of childbirth and to life outside the womb. A hospital circumcision would superimpose additional trauma on the newborn before discharge whereas an in-office procedure is gentler.
  6. Your newborn would recover faster from the circumcision procedure since blood clotting and immunoglobulins mature around the eighth day after birth. Since circumcision is necessary for becoming a Jew, waiting for blood clotting to mature will make your son more comfortable.

Religious Mohel Circumcision

How to Become a Jew

The face of Judaism has changed. Many may wonder whether you have to be circumcised in order to convert to Judaism? However, there are many ways to become Jewish.

A proselyte who desires to convert to Judaism will want to speak with his or her rabbi for the three distinct traditions (reformed, conservative, or orthodox). In regard to the question of do you have to be circumcised to convert to Judaism, all three of these religious traditions are available for a Jewish circumcision in Florida.

The prospective convert would study the Torah and understand the different aspects of Judaism, which include keeping the dietary laws, keeping the Sabbath, and observing the Torah.

Do You Have to Be Circumcised to Convert to Judaism?

The Rabbinic court, or the Beit Din, will advise you about how to become a Jew and will answer all your concerns.

At the conversion ceremony, a proselyte would participate in the following procedures, and your son will no longer be considered an uncircumcised Jew. However, you may have other concerns. Consider this information to help you understand the process better:

  1. Circumcision: Adult males will undergo traditional circumcision, which is also called brit milah. Afterward, an adult male would no longer be an uncircumcised Jew. If by chance, the adult male is already circumcised, the individual will participate in a blood ritual extraction known as hatafat dam brit.
  2. The Rabbinic Court: After healing from circumcision, the convert will agree to bind himself to the commandments of the Torah and will agree to diligently study and to apply the new principles of the Jewish faith to daily life. Converts must adhere to the formal observations of the commandments so they will know how to become a Jew.
  3. Mikveh: The mikveh is a symbol of spiritual cleansing from the impurities of the body and soul through refreshing waters. Converts will submerge themselves in the mikveh bath as a spiritual rebirth. These individuals are ready to understand what it means to become Jewish.
  4. New Jewish Name: Newborns take a Jewish name, which is used during the reading of the Torah and the signing of legal documents. Converts may use the name “ben Avraham.”

So, you can see that circumcision is only one aspect of Judaism.

Uncircumcised Jew

In the Torah, God gave His people three types of laws. These are moral, civil, and ceremonial laws about how to become a Jew. The Torah has 613 commandments. By keeping the commandments, a Jew would receive special blessings and protections from being in a covenantal relationship with God.

Since circumcision is a sign of Jewish conversion, it is mandatory for conversion. According to the halakha traditions, rabbis can make exceptions to the circumcision conversion ceremony so that you can be an uncircumcised Jew.

One such exception is a medical exemption. Converts may have a life-threatening medical emergency if they undergo circumcision. An example would be an uncircumcised Jew who is a hemophiliac. This individual may have extensive blood loss during the surgery.

A Jewish mother may forgo circumcising her sons. Some rabbis allow this exemption when a Jewish mother has lost two of her sons to fatalities during the conversion process close to birth. Of course, some Jews lack the proper anatomy to undergo circumcision, such as with conditions involving congenital disabilities and gender.

Women are exempt from the law of circumcision as it only applies to men.

Uncircumcised Jew

Jewish Circumcision Florida

You can enjoy the experience of your newborn son embarking on the journey as a son of the covenant with the services of a mohel. Dr. Krinsky is a board-trained, Yale-certified physician. He takes practical steps to make your baby as comfortable as possible during the Hebrew naming ceremony.

For the ceremony, your infant will receive:

  • Tylenol, one hour before the procedure
  • Numbing gel on the foreskin

In addition, Dr. Krinsky uses these methods to ensure your son’s comfort:

  • The baby will suck on a solution of sugar and wine as a means of relaxation.
  • The baby will be in an upright position so you can offer words of love and comfort.
  • After the procedure, Dr. Krinsky will apply the anesthetic gel on your infant’s dressing.

Contact our clinic for your next bris milah. We provide love, understanding, and compassionate care for parents and their babies. Interfaith couples are welcome as well.